ABN Socket Reducer Impact Adapter Cheater Set 4-Piece

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Check This Out! – ABN Socket Reducer Impact Adapter Cheater Set 4-PieceWhat We Do?Auto Body Now (ABN) is an ever-expanding tool brand which aims to cover a wide variety of auto tool needs. ABN tools are tried and tested, available for a multitude of auto body projects. ABN offers tools and supplies varying from specialty tools and accessories to general maintenance and upkeep to transform any vehicle. Get your Classic running or upgrade your next generation vehicle with high quality ABN tools and accessories. ABN is the perfect brand for professionals, DIYÂ’ers, or anyone simply wanting to add some new tools to their collection.Who Are We?Auto Body Now is a family owned company based out of South Dakota. We provide the Midwest with the highest quality auto body supplies and car care products on the market. We have an exceptionally strong Internet presence, shipping over 50,000 products each month. In fact, if you have purchased any of your auto body supplies or car care supplies online, there is a good chance we have had the opportunity to serve you.About ABN Socket Reducer Impact Adapter Cheater Set 4-PieceThe ABN 4 Piece Socket Adaptor Reducer Set provides great flexibility when deciding what socket and ratchet combinations are most functional. When you need to use 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch drives at the same time, you will be thankful you have these in your toolbox. And the best part is that you can’t have too many on hand – they save a trip to the parts store!Contents (2) adapters 3/8-inch female to 1/2-inch male 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch male (2) reducers 1/2-inch female to 3/8-inch male 3/8-inch female to 1/4-inch male A Closer LookDurableConstructed from high-strength chrome vanadium steel (CR-V), these sockets are durable and are rust-resistant.SecureSpring loaded detent balls keep your sockets in place. Each locks onto socket and drive tang and has a capacity of 380-foot/pound.


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