Coram Tools MSI 032 01 1 1/4 Wood/Plywood Multi-Tool Blade

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Product Description

Symmetrically pointed teeth with 16 tpi (teeth per inch) manufactured exclusively by European manufacturers with the same commitment to quality that we ascribe to. The symmetrical arrangement of the teeth allows us to achieve very high cutting speeds. The selected 032 and 042 saw blade forms make these blades particularly suitable for plunge-Cutting into the material. The relatively coarse toothing prevents the teeth from clogging when cutting laminated wood (plywood), making it a lot more comfortable when working with these kinds of materials. Due to the large plunge depth of 77 mm, it is also possible to make mortise and tenon joints with these blades. To cut metal and nails, we recommend the UB line since the SI line is not designed for this application.


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