ZFE Hss Cut off Circular Saw Blade & Grinder Safety Cover For Dreme Rotary Tools

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The HSS Rotary Circular Saw Blades are durable, Which are suit for timber, plastic, fiberglass, copper, aluminium and thin sheet metal etc. Condition: New without tag Material: High speed steel Color: Sliver Quantity: 1 set(7pcs) Package Included: 1x HHS Saw Blade(22*0.8*6.35mm) 1x HHS Saw Blade(25*0.8*6.35mm) 1x HHS Saw Blade(32*0.8*6.35mm) 1x HHS Saw Blade(35*0.8*6.35mm) 1x HHS Saw Blade(44*0.8*6.35mm) 1x HHS Saw Blade(50*0.8*6.35mm) 1x Extension Rod (3.175mm ) 17.5-19mm Clear Safety Protective Electric Grinder Cover Shield For Drill Dremel Features: Suitable for steel heat treatment, boilers sent ash, electroplating polishing, grinding wheel grinding, etc. Can prevent damages caused by the splash of acids, alkalis, oils, chemical liquids, metal solution, iron or glass fragments and other harmful substances. Can shield and absorb radioactive a-ray and low energy b-ray so that avoid burns result from radiant heat. Specifications: Material: plastic Color: black+transparent Thread diameter: 17.5~19mm Item weight: about 23g Package Included: 1x Electric Grinder Transparent Cover Shield For Dremel


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